Delivering upon their "Mobile First, Cloud First" strategy, Microsoft have gone a long way to transform their business into a one stop shop for Cloud Services. Thanks to the maturity and affordability of Microsoft Azure and Office 365 platforms, customers of any size can buy virtually any IT infrastructure and software through the "as-a-service" model without worrying about maintenance, redundancy, lifecycle management, or security. EUC Consulting participates in the Cloud Solution Provider Program and can offer our customers Microsoft's core Cloud services including Office 365, Azure, InTune and more. If you have a Cloud requirement for your business, get in touch now!


Citrix is a software vendor that has revolutionized the way people work and do business. Through their flagship products such as XenApp, XenDesktop, XenMobile and Netscaler, Citrix have enabled millions of employees around the world to access their Windows Desktop, applications and data from anywhere and on any device. The company's new Cloud strategy and the announcement of XenApp Essentials on Azure, developed in close partnership with Microsoft, have strengthen Citrix's position as the global leader of Digitial Workspace solutions. If you would like to talk about the Citrix product offering or see the Workspace Suite in action, give us a call now!


FSLogix develops innovative software solutions that change the way profiles, applications and data are delivered and managed in Virtual Desktops. The vendor's flagship products address user and IT "pain points" that the big vendors couldn't resolve for years. Office 365 and Profile Containers significantly reduce user logon times, Outlook profile and PST file corruption while eliminating server and network bottlenecks. App Containers and Masking, on the other hand, simplify application and OS delivery and maintenance process, massively reducing the number of gold images in your environment. Contact us now to see FSLogix in action!


ControlUp defines new standards for User Experience monitoring in virtualised environments. Its real-time actionable dashboard with built-in alerting and script based actions, enables IT administrators to pinpoint and proactively fix problems in your Citrix and Microsoft environment in minutes rather than hours. ControlUp's reporting platform, Insights provides a historical reporting and trend analysis capability, providing a full picture of resource utilisation, system health and user experience for a period of up to 1 year. If you would like to see a demo of ControlUp or test drive the product in your own environment, get in touch with us now!


LoginVSI solutions portfolio allows organizations to deliver the best end user experience through the entire VDI lifecycle. LoginVSI software is an industry standard for predicting, validating and managing the performance of virtual desktop environments. The tool helps to find hidden performance problems and predict capacity changes caused by changes to hardware and software. Login PI provides technical and management teams with performance insights for proactive monitoring, performance baselining and trending. It detects infrastructure issues before users see them. To find out more about LoginVSI products or schedule a demo, please get in touch!

Liquidware Labs

Liquidware Labs provide desktop transformation solutions for virtual, physical and cloud based desktops. Their Monitoring & Diagnostics, User Environment Management and Application Layering software add value to any virtualisation and desktop transformation project. Liquidware Labs' innovative agent-less environment management solution delivers fully customised workspaces to users based on thier role, location, or other contextual information. Other products in the suite aid in application discovery, user profiling, infrastructure performance audit and management. To find out more about Liquidware Labs' portfolio or schedule a demo, please get in touch!

Lakeside Systrack

Lakeside offers a comprehensive suite of IT assessment and management tools that help organisations to make better decisions, improve productivity and reduce costs. SysTrack assists with user and desktop auditing, performance and end user-experience monitoring, change management, application resource analysis and more. It’s not only helps with day-to-day challenges  of  technical and operational teams but is also a great assessment, baselining and  validation  tool  for  any  desktop transformation project. If you would like to know more about this powerful toolset, give us a call now!


Skykick is an integrated software platform that helps with migration, backup and management of various Office 365 services. The Skykick Migration Suite automates transitions from an on-prem Exchange, Google Mail and other POP3/IMAP providers, ensuring an easy migration with minimum risk and downtime. The Cloud Manager and Backup allows management of backup resources across multiple SaaS providers from a single dashboard. If you are planning to migrate to Office 365 or looking for a backup solution for your existing implementation, contact us via phone, email  or chat now!