In light of the fact the XenApp migration scripts from Citrix are not publicly available yet I have written this script

This script will migrate application from XenApp 6.x to XenDesktop 7.x - App Edition (from here on in referred to also as XenApp 7.x) and XenApp 7.x including all command lines and command line arguments, security, icon data, client folder info, and desktop short-cut placement info.

You have the option of adding new accounts / groups, replacing the old groups with the test accounts / groups, and disabling the apps during import.

XenApp 6.x and XenApp 7.x treat command line arguments differently (in XenApp 6.x they are tagged onto the end of the command line and in XenApp 7.x there is a different field) to accommodate this I had to search and split the XenApp 6.x command line field based on certain characters (/ " etc). For this reason you might find that it doesn't always work. Please let me know your results.

You need to install the XenDesktop Broker PowerShell cmdlets on a server in your XenApp 6.x farm and run the script from there. This was the most simple way to do this as it is much easier to remote commands with the XenApp 7.x PowerShell cmdlets (you just specify the controller address).

The PowerShell cmdlet you need to install is x64Citrix Desktop Delivery ControllerBroker_PowerShellSnapIn_x64.msi in the XenApp 7.x install media.

Some of the names of the applications in XenApp 7.x Studio may appear with new display names, this is due to the fact that Studio does not allow duplicate Application Display Names in the console so I had to use the Application Browser Name, which is unique.

I could not find an easy way to bring across File Type Associations so you will need to select these in the apps once they are migrated.

Disclaimer: Use this script at your own risk. All scripts should be tested on non-Production environments first.


Script has been updated to version 1.2

Please see the version notes file for information.

App Migration Script - Signed with PS1 Extension (309 downloads) App Migration Script - Unsigned with PS1 Extension (228 downloads) App Migration Script - Unsigned with txt extension (246 downloads) App Migration Script - Signed with txt extension (237 downloads) App Migration Script - Version Notes (237 downloads)

Full list of syntax and help is available by typing Get-Help XenApp_App_Migration_V1.1.ps1